Low Bridge Ahead

5 Bridges are hit every day in the UK, please dont become victim #6!.
2015 has already seen the authorities renew their focus back onto the causes of Bridge Strikes. Contact us today to be one of the first to preview our innovative approach to avoiding those LOW Bridges

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Low Bridge Alerts

Our intelligent GPS systems tracks the vehicle location & alerts the driver to potential bridgestrikes ahead using visual and audible alerts. Our Low Bridge Avoidance System employs the latest technology which amongst other features safe guards lives, vehicles and brand reputations!

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  • Truckfest 2015

    Bridgestrike Desk Our first event has gone well at the end of day one with lots of interest and many people asking for more information about our device. Well they look like they were working… ….Dont they? We had a good first day at #Truckfest. Met some good contacts. Our desk raised some interest, especially with lights pic.twitter.com/hknZrgqpJI — BridgeStrike Ltd (@bridgestrike) May 3, 2015...
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  • A day in the life of a driver

    Short Video for Drivers and CEO’s So the start of a normal day, another load and another straight forward trailer pick up… Or is it? Watch our short video to fully understand how bridgestrikes happen and what may be out there to assist and secure your drivers and your fleet. You could always pass up our invitation to view our video, however you may just learn something.  ...
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  • Take the 14 Question Survey

    Bridgestrike Survey Come and see us at the TruckFest 2015 stand for your chance to win a free Android Tablet. Please also help us improve safety by taking our 14 Question Survey www.surveymonkey.com/14-question-survey...
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